7 Ways Increased Accessibility to Smartphones In Poorer Communities Will Boost Education and Global Development.


The Third Industrial Revolution or the Digital Revolution saw the world move into the digital age, easing manufacturing and bringing worlds closer through the ease and enhancement of communication. This age saw the introduction and proliferation of mobile phones and later smartphones. This was also coined – The Information Age.

The information age brought about an exponential rise in the number billionaires and millionaires globally, a crown that was limited to royals, industrialists and individuals in the Oil and Gas sector. Where opportunities meet beautiful minds there is bound to be a revolutionary manifestation of some kind. Exposing more people to better resources will open up the world to more unbelievable surprises.

I was lucky to have early access to the international arena both physically and digitally. With an inquisitive mind, I will not deny having acquired much about the world we live in online and the vast opportunities it has to offer. Many others with the same possibilities will do far greater things.

Where opportunity meets a beautiful mind there is bound to be a revolutionary manifestation of some kind.


Comparing both maps A and B below, we see a clear coherence between smartphone penetration (Top 10 markets) and the Human Development Index(based on 2014 data, published on December 14, 2015). There is a symbiotic relationship in which national wealth tends to guarantee smartphone affordability and possessing a smartphone in turn opens up a world of infinite possibilities and money making.


smartphone penetration




Global smartphone penetration is on the rise with the highest rate being in the Asia-Pacific region. India in the Q4 of 2015 surpassed the US to become the second-largest market for smartphones after China. This is naturally anticipated to boost mobile applications growth substantially. As smartphone and Internet services penetrations rise, app-economy revenue will be spurred, which will further encourage the development of better applications. This can be mechanically altered to achieve even better outcomes.


global smartphone penetration forecast

With this in mind, the world is advancing rapidly having an “Android youth” generation with increasingly brighter mobile friendly minds. This means that today’s youth adapt quicker  to evolving technology and will take it to another level with greater exposure.

7 Ways Smartphone Accessibility Will Boost Global Development

  1. Increased communication with loved ones and in business.
  2. Proximity: The internet brings us closer to a global audience. This makes it easier for the talented but restricted to showcase their talents in a global scale.
  3. Learning is be fun and fast through smartphones with cool apps and a swiping thrill on gorilla glass…..
  4. Education is not limited to the classroom. Access to the internet through a smartphone can give us an even better education via online lessons or self-paced reading and research.
  5. Easy organization and greater access to monitoring and evaluation data for consulting firms and companies. I don’t believe totally in door-to-door question and answer surveys like it is done in many parts of Africa. Having supervised health surveys, some volunteers fill in random answers themselves to avoid the hassle of covering long distances under the sun. This ends up in gross misguiding data. Mobile surveys will make a whole difference.
  6. mHealth: The development of new mobile applications, especially mHealth applications to cover public health activities in the third world will become more feasible.
  7. Mental Development: Game apps and other applications will aid in mental development.


The proposal: The 1-Adult, 1-Smartphone Program

Looking towards agenda 2030, governments, foundations and NGOs, corporate donors through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Smartphone manufacturers must team up in an endeavor to make smartphones available to poorer communities, “The 1-Adult, 1-Smartphone Program” (#1adult1smartphone). Not all shortcuts to global development are equal, in this case, bypassing natural enrichment methods will still create enormous global impact. Let’s put our minds together and make this happen!


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