Are the US and France Any Guarantee to Security on the African Continent?

In October 2015 when US President, Barack Obama announced the deployment of a 300 man army to Cameroon to assist troops regionally in the fight against Boko Haram, the news received a warm welcome and global appreciation. This came as a follow up to 90 personnel who had already been deployed to the region. This move was lauded as a major step by the US in the fight against Boko Haram who were to be assisted by France.

But do these nations really hold the peace of the region at heart? Numerous questions continue to be raised as their presence is not palpable on the ground added to their continuous history of atrocities, especially with more important interests in the region. Unconfirmed sources have mentioned possible testing of important deposits by the US army going on far off from the actual fighting region. At the war front, Cameroon continues to loose troops to Boko Haram.



Africans and Cameroonians have counted on the leadership on the continent for quite long, and recently there has been much hope that change is occurring. Ultimately it turns out to be a one-man squash game.


The Genesis

The French mission in Africa is no longer a secret to most francophone Africans with complex treaties signed upon independence, giving the French sovereignty over their extensive “underground” and most other lucrative sectors. The rest they usually obtain by use of force or carefully planned peacekeeping interventions.

With the Central African Republic being an Eldorado for France, the latter has held its grip to their former colony largely due to the vast diamond and gold reserves which remain relatively untapped. Their authority on the land goes as far as French soldiers personally doing ground inspections for anyone willing to dig up a pit toilet in their homes. This is for fear of stumbling on a diamond rock or gold which would naturally belong to the French. Furthermore they rape local girls, an act they will never attempt in France.

It therefore comes as no surprise, the murder of Major General Martin C. Tumenta, commander of the Force of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) in November 2015 .

As a man of integrity, he many times countered numerous schemes by the French as part of a destabilization plan for the region. He tried to unite both fighting parties as the French caused the divide. He was one of the first to point out French involvement in the supply of arms to the jihadist group Boko Haram. The French on the other hand need to maintain disorder in the region for their presence to be justified and hence their activities carried out.


It is rather unfortunate that these super powers, no matter how much they want to “help” always do so with personal motives put in first place and most American and European taxpayers have no idea how their money is being spent. At the root of it all, their activities directly or indirectly fuel terrorist activities around the world. They either sponsor terrorist groups directly or their actions spur the rise of a terrorist group. With such activities we can only await the multiplication of disgruntled individuals who will pick up arms and start roaming the streets.


It is often said that power corrupts. The contrary can be seen among the most developed countries in Western Europe -The Scandinavians. They have no former colonies. They are also among the least corrupt and the most peaceful. They have kept their economies running without the exploitation of Africa and remain by far better off than those stealing from the African continent. Clean business. They should serve as case studies.





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