The Power Of The Media In The Promotion Of #LGBT: Drawing The Line Between LGBT rights And Human Rights for Gay Persons.

(Disclaimer: This article is written without bias to the LGBT community and without deprivation of LGBT rights. Direct reference to names of corporations have been intentionally omitted for the same purposes.)


On a planet with a rapidly increasing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) population fighting for their rights as a minority amidst other legislation to their wellbeing, it is very important we draw the line between human rights and gay rights. Violence against LGBT persons has a history of hate-motivated violence, such as discrimination in work, health care, education, detention and torture. Most countries have modified laws to accommodate the LGBT community and recognize their human rights. But are they entitled to additional gay rights?  As a young and single person, there is a tendency to overlook and/ or accept much with an open mind with regard to passive LGBT activity. Getting into parenthood, the outlook on life changes and seeing the influence the media is gaining in the potential transformation of kids, it is time to wave the red flag.


The LGBT population are people like the rest and are therefore entitled to the same human rights and freedom others enjoy. Marking the occasion of Human Rights Day on December 9, 2010, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke at a Ford Foundation event in New York City entitled, “Speak Up, Stop Discrimination.” The event honored human rights defenders — those courageous women and men who strive to make human rights a reality for everyone, everywhere. In this speech, Mr. Ban called for individuals to stand up for the rights of all and specifically referred to defending the rights of people jailed for their sexual orientation. This statement identified the UN’s advocacy for the issue of gay rights in the context of human rights, and in so doing, placed this issue on the agenda of the United Nations.


Hillary Clinton, stated that one of the remaining human rights challenges before the world today is guaranteeing the equality and dignity of members of the LGBT community. She spoke of this “invisible minority,” whose human rights were in jeopardy throughout the world, and in this way, she called for greater protection of LGBT persons. She asserted that gay rights and human rights are not distinct, as some have argued, and referred to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a foundational U.N. document guaranteeing gay rights as human rights


Are people lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender by obligation or choice? This has been a long standing and complex argument which I would suggest has multiple sides to it. Interacting with gay people and getting to know their own side of the story together with personal investigation and experiences has led me to conclude the following:

  1. Some people are born gay and growing up, get to discover their same sex attraction early enough and hence take their stand much earlier in life irrespective of their society.
  2. Others, also born gay, get to discover their same sex attraction a lot later in life with the help of some trigger factor. Usually the society they live in may contribute to retard this discovery.
  3. A third group of gay people are those who through esoteric rituals have an obligation to indulge. They may or may not necessarily have a natural inclination to same sex attraction but the practice helps them climb up the status ladder of money and power. They will destroy lives where necessary.
  4. The last group are those with no inclination towards same sex activity or attraction but get involved as a result of external pressures ranging from the lack of finances to pressure at work from a boss (in the third group) in exchange for a raise and/ or money, to the deprivation of a normal heterosexual relationship. This is often seen in prisons or same sex boarding schools.

It is important to note that the third group of gay people together with their activities are gaining much ground globally and may be a part of the major problem at hand. Their activities touch major multinational corporations and high government offices in almost every country in the world and even Churches sources say. Hence the reason for active promotion of gay rights in presidential campaigns recently.  Much of it goes concealed because of the levels of power and influence they have attained, the backup from major media houses and their proposals can be very enticing and irresistible.


To cut to the chase, there is an increased proliferation of high impact movies and other audiovisuals promoting LGBT activities on our television screens today. The rate gives us an idea it will soon invade kids’ cartoon networks and other popularly watched channels. This may be an intentional move to assure the LGBT community a place in society and make them feel loved and accepted or because many of them own and control the media. They will always be loved and accepted, but some activities MUST remain cloaked. These are atypical activities and therefore must be restricted from public view.


Any okay parent would wish the best for his or her kids, and much of what is done as a parent is to raise, educate and protect a child to the best of his or her ability. Some things may ultimately slip from grasp. We can never fully control their every movement or everything they watch. TV manufacturers have done well in adding parental locks and other advanced encryption features to television sets produced nowadays with the help and participation of media broadcasting houses. It is not enough if media content is not filtered. I have talked to gay parents who do not wish their kids pick up such knowledge or tread the same path.




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