Academia, Hard work, Networking and God’s Backdoor Entry to Success

Ever too often the success of the most prominent figures around the world and in various domains is usually attained either through academic achievement, hard work or portrayal of great leadership or  networking within the right people and circles. But there exists a special group of people who sit at the success table through the “Touch-of-God” or what I have come to coin – God’s Backdoor Entry.


Life is a continuous struggle and as the years go by there is call for greater competition in order to be singled out in comparison to decades ago. Entry exams have become more competitive as well as interviews for strategic positions in top corporations. Many more skills are being demanded for the same job description as more and more people target the prize but only one or few are chosen. This concept occurs in almost every facet of life nowadays.


Many books exist out there about the different paths to success. If it were a standard then I believe everyone in the world would be as successful. The truth is that sometimes achieving high academic distinctions or having the brightest mind does not necessarily guarantee a successful career or life. People who work the hardest in life are not the most successful. Those with rather higher chances of success are the ones within powerful networks (as may be the case with most ivy league schools or internationally well established fraternities). The “Touch-of-God” takes people with little or no such background or influence and positions them at the top with little or no effort or resistance.


I have been chanced ( and I guess you too) to come across such people a number of times with remarkable stories. With a seemingly modest academic background or low riding career, and not in the business of networking wheresoever, they beat odds to become positioned at levels no one or themselves would ever imagine. The people who belong to this group bypass regular job interviews or written exams or voting procedures, usually being appointed or positioned in times of a crisis. They would then move on to prove their worth and maintain the position. It’s almost a rule because they are special.


The quest for knowledge and academic distinction will always be important, so too will hard work. It pays off. God’s Backdoor Entry will always exist for reasons best known to HIM alone. Some of the world’s leaders and Presidents have come to power in the same manner. Dictator or not, they get there for a reason. Probably to create a certain balance or to solve a problem. Not all things are within human control.


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