The True Measure of Success.

Success from a general perspective first throws light on the financial aspect of a person with respect to the other characteristics that make up a successful person. A great number of today’s youth would envisage the idea of a success in a person as – Running a successful business, being wealthy, famous and possibly having a solid academic background. In reality, the true measure of success is a combination of much more, and finances may not necessarily be one of them.


It is not by error, when listing success stories internationally, that Forbes Magazine does not include monarchs, millionaires and billionaires with a doubtful or unclear business or path to success, and those who basically inherit wealth to spend without a money making mechanism or business attached to it.

There are far more millionaires and billionaires in the world than Forbes and the world will ever register, from the few highlighted in the Panama papers to a great number in the Muslim world with a habit of stacking away undeclared wealth in the form of diamonds and bullions of gold and silver. Many in Africa store wealth in hard currency, not in banks, but under beds or locked away in secret rooms in their homes. This is no measure of success.


There is a greater tendency, with mounting competition and hardship, for today’s youth to focus on and dream of the lifestyles of con artists, drug lords and their likes, looking up to them as role models and success figures. Such societies in which they thrive will go on to affect the youth negatively- A life of wrong aspirations. The environment our kids grow up in and the people they frequent largely affects their future goals and ambitions.

Living large and using wealth as tool for leverage, especially for self-satisfaction at the expense of those around us, who look up to us, passes a false message. A person using position and wealth to disrespect and maltreat others or coerce the wives and girlfriends of friends and family into the satisfaction of personal carnal pleasures can in no means be deemed worthy of being labeled successful.


There is unlimited literature about how to become successful. Many talk about the way successful people think, laugh, when they go to bed, what they drink and so on. None of that really matters if the very success is mishandled. The true measure of success in a person, one who usually has gone through stages in life and in the process has been molded, is one who possesses high moral standards, portrays love through giving and volunteering (not barter), acts responsibly and is respectful. Better still, taking up the role of a leader and teacher to those looking up to him, and impacting their lives in one way or the other goes to further stretch the measure of success.


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