With a penchant for change and an eye towards the UN Agenda 2030, Metamorphosis3.0 touches news, aspects and propositions concerning global ongoing and anticipated changes in every facet of life from our mindsets to health and lifestyle, development and technology to governance, peace and policy.

The Creator


With over 9 years of clinical practice, Dr. Fitz Dinka made the move towards public health and advocacy after realizing it would serve the world better to prevent disease or treat using natural forms rather than develop expensive curative treatments which don’t always work as is the case today.

After receiving a medical degree from the ‘M.Gorky’ National Medical University Donetsk, Ukraine and being a witness to the vast and rapid post communism changes in the region, he made positive CHANGE mission in his life. Change not only in the health industry but everywhere else towards a healthier wellbeing for humanity.

Fitz is fluent in English, French and Russian languages and has a passion for advancing technology and designing coupled with an eye for fashion. The causes he cares about are Art and culture, poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, education, civil rights and social action. Writing became a recent hobby.


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